Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nina: Wednesday, from Dallas

5:40 pm Central Time (they are one hour behind us here) and it has been a long day of travel even for me, coming from Maryland (how about those traveling from really faraway places, like Japan or the UAE?).  I was up at 6:30, on the airport bus at 8, on the plane at 10:30 (all EDT), arrived here around 1:00. There were five of us from the DC area on the same flight. After an attempt to get the TRE light rail into the city we ended up sharing a taxi, which left us at Ray and Sung's hotel. Goedele, Daniela, and I walked to the Convention Center and registered. we picked up our bags, badges, and certificates and had something to eat.  (I think Dallas is going to be challenging for this vegetarian. I ended up having a muffin for lunch!) Then Daniela and I set out to walk to our respective hotels. This was a longer shlep than I supposed, at least lugging suitcases and laptops. And the last bit was uphill.... (I thought Texas was flat.) So after I got to the Fairmont and checked in, I just took a shower and changed my clothes, and have been goofing off, checking email and so on.  I have not attempted to look at my program book, which has over 200 pages of stuff to do over the next 3 days.

Seen on Griffin Street on our way to the hotel

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  1. I've joined the blog now. Those are some pretty cool sculptures. I hope no animals were harmed in their creation :-)